Clearfield Descendants

Some of the Individuals and Families of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Sarah Catherine Mays

Sarah is the wife of Isaac Cyrus Mays (1836-1912). During his life Isaac was one of the best known citizens of Clearfield County. Together Sarah and Isaac had ten children.

This beautiful photo courtesy of their great-grandnephew William Robert Mays (1948-2018).

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Edward Byron Patton

The Patton family for generations were prominent in the public life of Pennsylvania. Edward's father was a judge, his brother a U.S. Congressmen and a son Mayor of Grinnell, Iowa. Among other close family members were state representatives and U.S. Senators. Edward was a prominent contractor in Clearfield County.

His wife Esther was just 27 years old when she died in 1860. Edward, who was 34 years old, never remarried and raised his four young children as a single father. He is the creator of this website's second great-grandfather.